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Hey guys,
My name is Anna, I am a 19 year old Sophomore at University of the Arts studying graphic design and advertising.
I have a few questions pertaining to anxiety disorder and getting diagnosed and getting on with life...
(my story)
I've had what my doctor would assume was anxiety (as opposed to physical medical condition) and said that it is probably triggered by stress from school or work. And when I first had my first couple of anxiety attacks that was proven to be true, I was a freshman, it was the end of the first semester during finals and I was freaking out due to stress. As of recent though, I've been getting them out of nowhere, for instance, I was just out eating at Cosi with my friend and we were talking about her photography (not even anything pertaining to myself) and out of nowhere my whole body felt stiff and tense and I got lock jaw and had a hard time chewing, my mind was in a million places and I felt cold and alone. Now, I get "attacks" like that about once a month. I try to go outside for a walk (because lying down alone causes more things to flow through my mind and makes it worse). I've actually been checked into the hospital because of what I would assume was an anxiety attack that caused migranes and uncontrollable vomiting (and the hospital found no physical causes for the condition, except that my mind was causing this).
My question is,
if you are diagnosed and medicated, how did you go about doing it, did you go to your general physician and address your symptoms?
if you did visit your general physician, does he write out the script for medication (if necessary) or does he send you to a psychiatrist for further counseling?

I am just wondering, because I really can't live like this, I've had to leave class, miss work, and end social interaction due to these attacks, and it really hurts me physically and emotionally.
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