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Do you ever avoid social engagements because you fear having to make small talk with strangers?

Do you ever question whether your friends and loved ones are just there because they feel sorry for you?

Do you have the amazing ability to worry yourself into a bad mood?

Do you ever spend lonely nights staring at the ceiling and asking yourself, "Who am I? Why am I here? Is there a God? What would happen if I ate my weight in aerosol cheese?"

Have you ever had a migraine and managed to convince yourself, even for just a little while, that it might be a brain tumor?

You are not alone.

anxiously_yours is a place where you can share both humorous and not so humorous stories, observations, comments, and questions about any sort of emotional distress from mild anxiety to clinical depression. Free advice and support are both accepted and encouraged, but most importantly this will be a place where you'll know that really, you're not crazy.

Or at least, not that crazy.

Welcome aboard. Group begins in about ten minutes, there'll be coffee and Danish served in the waiting room.